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donderdag 26 februari 2015

under the sea

I got this thing with mermaids and I seem to collect quite a few already so when I saw this gorgeous digi by the East Wind (Lucy Loo Mermaid) I knew I had to add her to my collecction and wanted to colour her with my copics.... LOL


The background is made with Prima Colorbloomsprays which have a nice pearly shine. I used the inks with some Dutch Doobadoo stencils. There are some stamps in the background too, from IO and Indigo blue. The seaplants are by Dylusions and the very tiny fish are by IO. 
I found the quote on the internet and wrote it my posca markers and a copic multiliner.

For colouring the image I used quite a few copic colours:
It took me a few hours to colour this mermaid especially the hairs and tail but as long as I can draw or colour I'm happy.... I normally start with the lightest colours first and build up to the darker ones and than back to the lighter colours for blending. 
Because of the transparancy of the copic colours it's also fun to blend different colours like I did in the tail, using a light yellow (Y11) to blend the purples and blues together and ending up with some lovely green. 

Skin: E 0000,000,00,11,21 BV000 R 20
Eyes: BG 07, 09, 57,75 FBG 2
Hair: V 04,05,09, 25, BG 01, 07, 09, 57, 72, 75, FBG 2
Tail: V 04,05,09, 25, BV0000, 000, 23,Y11,BG 01, 07, 09, 57, 72, 75, FBG 2
Shells: Y11,19, BV000, V04,05
fish: Y11, V04, 15

have a colourful day

maandag 23 februari 2015

some artwork

have been toooooo busy, so today some catching up 

New Dylusionsstamps

more new Dylusions stamps

and even more new Dylusions stamps


Lifebook lesson 2015 by tamara laporte

and another lifebook lesson, by mati rose

have a fun day


donderdag 5 februari 2015

an airbrush tutorial

hi everyone, today I have a tutorial for you. A tutorial on airbrush techniques.
You can make such wonderful backgrounds with an airbrush that I had to show you how I make mine. 

here the airbrush with one of my copics in it, used the chiselpoint for making your backgrounds
the brushpoint will give splatter effect (which can be lovely too)

 technique 1
take a mask (this one is by Dutch Doobadoo called clouds) and spray the copic ink through the mask 
if you keep the airbrush a little away from your paper, the colours will be very light 

Copic marker B04

if you keep your copic close to the mask and paper the colour will be more vibrant like the right bottom corner
this way you can play with different colour hues 

Copic marker B04

even more fun is to add another colour, like I did in the right bottom corner
this way you create more depth in your background

Copic marker B04, Y15

technique 2
another fun trick is spraying ink in a light colour

Copic marker Y11

and then move the mask a tiny bit and spray with a darker colour
this way you will get a shadow which looks awesome

Copic markers Y11, YR18, R35

for some more depth you can add a 2nd colour to the stars in the right bottom corner

because the copic inks are not opaque it doesn't work the other way around

technique 3
tear a piece of paper and put it on your background and spray a litlle ink (using technique 1) 

Copic marker YG25

if you move this handmade (teared) mask you will see a landscapelike background

Copic marker YG25

tear another piece and move it upwards a little and spray ink again

Copic marker YG25

this time you will see a hilly background appearing

Copic marker YG25

spray some blue for creating a sky spray from a close distance to get a darker more vibrant blue and keep your ink a little further from the paper to create a lighter blue

Copic marker YG25, G16, B04

spray some clouds or stars and you have a fun background for your card of art journalpage

Copic markers B04, G16, YG25, Y11

some more samples using different masks and lots of copic ink and an airbrush

I love the combination of different masks, here i used a stripped one by SU and bubbles by Dutch Doobadoo

Copic marker R35, RV04, YR18

again the SU stripes and the Dutch Doobadoo stars

Copic markers RV04, R35

another fun combination is all kinds of blue and purples and bubbles, clouds and snowflake masks (all Dutch Doobadoo)

Copic marker B29, B04, B39, BV29

and here I only used the bubbles mask by Dutch Doobadoo but I layered it with many different copic colours, I really love this result

Copic markers R35, YR18, B29, YG25, B04, RV04

I used one of the airbrushed backgrounds with an cute image by lemonshortbread.
In the background I added some extra snowflakes with the airbrush because I thought that it needed another colour. 
The edges are stamped with a snowflake stamp and there is some script stamping too.

used colours for this creation are:
RV 06,00,19,02
YR 23,68,16
Y 15,0000,19
FY 1
BV 41,99,97

have a lot of fun